Porting Hibernate Shards

NHibernate Validator now it’s ported at a 98 %, rest some details that I gonna take into a account later. For that reason I begin the port of Hibernate Shards.

NHibernate Shards will allow extend the NHibernate core for in order to get Horizontal Partitioning in our databases.

Stay tuned, you gonna hear more about Shards. Meanwhile, you can take a look at SVN for code.

  • http://twingly.com Martin Källström

    Hi, how is it going with NHibernate.Shards?


  • http://darioquintana.com.ar/ Dario

    Is going ok, I need a month more or less to get it running on the way.

    Best regards

  • Dadzia

    Darío you´re a re re re re re re re GENIUS!!!

  • jrnail23

    Hi Dario,
    Any news on NHibernate Shards? Looks quite interesting, and I’d love to find out more about it.

  • jesuscheung

    Hi, I think everyone is waiting for a release!

  • http://darioquintana.com.ar/ Dario

    Yes, I know, I need time and more hands to continue this work. Now i’m busy implementing from zero NH.Attributes, like Hibernate.Annotations, with cool defaults-convensions and with none xml-generation.

    If someone can contine with this job I can help, would be very nice, I want this project as a release as much as you.

  • Lucifer

    Hey Dario

    Sorry to ask… but…

    Any news on NHibernate Shards? :)

  • http://darioquintana.com.ar/ Dario

    A friend of mine is helping me with this project, so stay tunned 😉