NHibernate Validator 1.3.1 GA

Hello friends, here is the new release of NHibernate Validator. There are 2 improvements in this release since NHibernate 1.3.0 GA, call it a service pack Guiño.

First of all, Log4net is not longer needed as a dependency. What this means: tecnically the NHibernate.Validator.dll doesn’t need the library log4net.dll. If you have Log4net in your project NHibernate Validator will detect it and will use it. How cool is that?. This was achieve it easily, using a NHibernate feature: NHibernate.IInternalLogger.

This later improvement has to be with the second feature: support for NuGet. Yes, now you can install NHibernate Validator into your project using NuGet with just one command into the console.

Here is the page for the nuget package for NHibernate Validator: Go here


Where to get NHibernate Validator 1.3.1 GA ?

Download binaries and source from Sourceforge


Download binaries with NuGet


  • http://about.me/luisfernando Luis Fernando

    Thank you for your effort in this project, it has helped me a lot. 😀

    But what about support for NHibernate 3.2?